How To Add Serious Value To Your Home In The Uk

I think for the majority of us our home will be our lifetimes most expensive purchase.

I have personally moved a total of 4 times and been lucky enough to make money on each sale.

While I’m not a full time property developer, I have studies the topic in great depth and can report that doing the following can add serious value to your home.


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1. Replace siding

Siding, windows, and entryways stay at the highest priority on the rundown on Remodeling Magazine’s Cost versus Esteem Report for 2011-2012, which figures it out for you on which home upgrades will present to you the greatest returns.

2. Put a new roof over your head

Potential purchasers will anticipate that your rooftop will be fit as a fiddle, only the same as they’ll expect things like moving water and power.

3. Make a master suite

A lot of today’s homebuyers request an ace bed/shower combo, but because this can be the most costly patches up mortgage holders are cautioned to take certain contemplations before going crazy making an ace suite.

4. Get a new front door

There’s a considerable measure of discussing a home’s check request, and all things considered. Much more so than crisp finishing, another front entryway can do miracles to make a positive early introduction on a homebuyer.

5. Create a home office

The quantity of Americans who telecommute has surged by 41 percent in the previous ten years, implying that home workplaces have more unusual request than any time in recent memory.

6. Build a sunroom

A sunroom or screened-in yard gets the outside and includes living space that is open year round. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry appraises that a sunroom will reimburse about 49 percent of its speculation cost when the house is exchanged.

7. Deck it out

Adding a deck to your home will give you pretty much the most astounding rate of profitability conceivable bringing an average of 70 percent of your unique speculation.

8. Install new windows

By supplanting old, cracked windows with vitality productive vinyl windows, this can add value to your home While considering new windows, notwithstanding, remember that redoing windows with favor shapes, straights and bows don’t include any resale esteem.

9. Remodel your kitchen

Americans pump about $15 billion dollars into kitchen redesigns, it is not since kitchen is the whole self of the uttermost home, but since by updating a kitchen’s machines, ledges, cupboards, and the ground surface.

10. Paint without personality

Put a new layer of unbiased shaded paint on your inside dividers, and you’ll gain a 250 percent return on your venture, as indicated.

By Preparing to Sell review, which found that the reasonable cost to paint inside dividers is £500 to £750, yet could increase the value by as much as £2,000

Top Tips To Pass Your Driving Theory Test


The Driving Theory Test is one of the two driving tests that you have to pass before you get your driver’s licence and become a qualified driver – the other is of course the practical test.

You cannot apply for and take the practical test until you have passed the theory test.

The driving theory test is a written examination that Incorporates case study questions and will challenge your skills and knowledge about driving. The theory exam is administered in the UK by the Driving Standard Agency, also known as the DSA, which aims to promote safety and ensure that drivers and riders are disciplined and competent road users.

A driving theory exam consists of fifty multiple choice questions which are all based on the Highway Code and road safety matters. With the advice of a fully qualified driving school instructor, and help from some suitable manuals and books, most people have little difficulty in passing this test.

There is also an excellent practice theory driving test published online by the DSA that will let you practice answering actual questions from the driving theory test.

Becoming a qualified driver and passing the driving test requires not only driving skills but also a good knowledge of driving theory and the Highway Code. There are different tests for users of different vehicles such as car drivers, motorcyclists, and heavy vehicle drivers.

Hazard Perception Test

This way, a driver will learn all of the appropriate rules and regulations and will also learn how to drive safely.

Any reputable driving school’s aim is always to guide their pupils towards becoming skilled and safe road users with the minimum of fuss.

Qualified and experienced driving instructors will not only provide the essential practical skills but also offer you advice and guidance towards passing your Driving Theory Test.

8 Cheap Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden


If you are on a budget you can still make your garden all spruced up looking neat and well trimmed.It doesn’t have to cost you the earth! Whether it is a small garden or just a patio area there are so many ways you can make it look attractive.

These methods may range from fun activities like buying new cheap garden accessories to ones which will require a bit of labour.Nevertheless they can make your garden look cleaner and prettier.

A garden should be a good relaxation area that gives you the best outdoor feeling.You should look out for a good patio set or even a barbecue at your local garden store at discounted prices.

(1)Add colour to your garden

Give your plant pots a new lease of life by painting them with favorite colours.Painting your garden gives it a personality.You can also buy colorful wooden planters.If you are growing delicate flowers or fruits and vegetables it is recommended that you get a raised wooden planter because they give more protection against all types of pests .

(2)Fertilize your lawn

Sometimes fertilizers from the shop may be too expensive.Wood ash is a cheap homemade alternative besides other reasonably priced fertilizers from local stores.Fertilize your lawn often, upto four times a year depending on the size of your garden.

(3) Eliminate the weeds

Weeds will make your garden feel a bit drab and neglected and it is just impossible to ignore them.Do not splash them with salt and vinegar but rather cut them right out from the root.

(4)Solar powered lights


Solar powered lights are least expensive and a better option than outdoor lighting.

(5)Clean your patio regularly

Scrub away all the grime that builds on your patio,This may take a good deal of our time everyday but its worth it! The slabs will always look neat and colorful.

(6)Add a water feature

A simple water fountain,a bird bath or a small pond can give your garden a unique look.

(7)Buy perennial plants

Whenever you are buying seeds or plants look out for perennials such as Lavender,Forget-me-nots and Echinacea.This will make your investment last pretty longer.

(8)Paint your fence and Shed


Image fencing Gloucester

If your shed looks shabby,give it a scrub down and a paint.You need to use an undercoat or primer before you paint you favourite colours .

Damp Proofing Vs Water Proofing? Interested?!


There are many benefits associated with damp proofing your basement but this is something that must be done during the construction of your home.

When building a new home many companies recommend that a damp proofing treatment is used on the outside of the walls while it’s being constructed.

This will be done with liquid asphalt that will be painted over the outside of the walls and its purpose is to help seal the moisture out once the home is finished.

It is very important to realize that damp proofing is not the same thing as waterproofing your home.

Many people get these two mixed up and that could cause a lot of problems in the future.

Damp proofing will help to keep the dampness from entering your basement but it will not stop water from leaking in through cracks nor will it completely prevent water from being absorbed by the materials used to build the home.

That’s why it’s so important that you go one step further and waterproof your basement as well. This way, you won’t have to worry about moisture entering your basement and doing damage to your home and your health.


There are many benefits associated with both damp and waterproofing your home. For instance, once the project is finished, you have an extra space in your home that you can be used for anything from a recreational area to an extra bedroom.

Damp proofing will help prevent your basement walls and floor from absorbing moisture from the ground and waterproofing can prevent water from leaking into the home through small cracks and porous materials.

There are several methods used in waterproofing and the one that you need to use will depend on what materials were used in the construction of your home. This is due to the fact that certain products work better with some materials than they do with others. For example, you would need to use a different type of waterproofing product on masonry than you would if your home had a brick frame.


The boys from damp proofing Cambridge at work

Construction Plans

If you need to choose between damp proofing and waterproofing your home, it’s recommended that you go over the construction plans for your home to see if which one would be beneficial for you.

If your home is being built in an area where the soil is sandy and the drainage is very good, then you could greatly benefit from a damp proof home. However, most homeowners will agree that waterproofing is more beneficial for most areas even though it does cost quite a bit more.



Of course, in homes already built, you don’t have a choice and you should seriously consider waterproofing your home because it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If your basement feels damp when you walk through it, boxes feel wet or the air smells musky, then you have a problem with moisture. Taking care of this problem will improve the air quality in your home, prevent damage to the structure and foundation of your home and make it possible for you to make good use of this extra space. Damp proofing might cost you a bit of money now, but you can rest assured that it is money well spent.

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Beach


The beach the glorious beach! You’ve waited all year for this moment, stressful days in the office, chaotic school runs, endless boring Sundays at the mother in laws and now you are finally here! 2 weeks of sun, sand and well…..

While it’s imperative you make full use of this time to relax and unwind, it’s also important you understand that the beach can be a dangerous place, especially for kids.

Here are 5 ways to keep your kids safe on the beach:

1) Know your swimming limitations:

It is important to know your limitations when in the water. You might know swimming well but kids are a difficult lot. Rough waters are unsafe even for the most experienced.

2) Keep an eye on the kids:

Be with them when they are in the water.


3) Check for lifeguards and talk to them before you take the kids in the water.

4) Beware of undertow and riptide. These tides are dangerous and kids cannot help themselves when sucked in the tide.

5) Know the beach before taking the kids in the water.

Check unfamiliar waters for any undercurrents or depth that might be dangerous for children.

So enjoy the beach day with your kids but remember to keep them safe.

6) Ensure your kids are properly protected and dressed for the occasion, for a full range of beach and swim wear, click here

What Are The Best Electric Razors Of 2016?


This article is long over due at Black Bull Moffat. You have probably been surprised that a blog that covers topics relating to the art of manliness has yet to cover the pretty important point of shaving.

We spent a couple of weeks researching the very best electric razor on the market, ordering and testing them out. The results were pretty surprising to say the least.

So, without further a ado ………….

Here are the very best shavers money can buy in 2016

Philips Norelco Electric Shavers

Now regarding rotary shavers, Philips Norelco has proven its competence through the years.

It has been in the personal care industry for more than 50 years. As a matter of fact, it began operations way back in 1939 yet won the market only in 1951 upon introduction of its dual head shaver.

Far from its commencement, the company has already created numerous lines of electric shavers such as Series 6000, Series 7000, Series 8200, Senso Touch, Senso Touch 3D, Architect, and Nivea for Men edition.

Braun Electric Shavers

Braun has been renowned for more than five decades of developing quality shavers. In particular, 1950 paved the way for the first ever innovation of Braun shaving technology hence the S-50 model launched in 1951.

Through the years, it has added more and more innovative creations on its product lines such as the Series 1 (modest shaver), Series 3 (gentle yet tough shaver), Series 5 (Contour-following shaver), Series 7 (powerful shaver), and Mobile Shaver (portable shaver).

Panasonic Electric Shavers

Providing an equally substantial selection of foil shaving units is Panasonic electric shavers.

As a matter of fact, the business has also celebrated its golden year that can readily prove its credibility. No wonder it has developed an outstanding selection of shavers. These contain the ES Series, ES-LA Series, Quad Flex, and much more.

Top features consist of the sharpest nano blades, quickest linear motor, vortex cleansing method, wet/dry operations, and so on. And it is possible to find all these on premier models meticulously developed for innovative shaving demands.

Remington Electric Shavers

Really should you be interested in extravagant shavers assortment, Remington can provide.

It made into the market in 1937 upon introduction of Remington Model E. Through the years; it has made various shavers collections such as the foil shavers, rotary shavers, and self-cleaning shavers.

All these are equally integrated with special characteristics and features unique to the manufacturer brand like its environment-friendly cleaning method. Who is aware, Remington shavers extravagant selection may bring you to your much-envied shaving buddy?

5 Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Looking As New As The Day It Was Laid

Installing a new hardwood floor can be expensive, and if you’ve made the investment, you probably want to ensure that your new floor doesn’t get damaged.

Cleaning and maintaining your floors if the best way to assure your flooring money doesn’t go to waste. If you follow these tips for keeping your hardwood, your floor should last a lifetime.

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1. Sweep

Regularly sweeping your floor can stop scratches and other surface damage that can happen when stones, sand, or dirt gets onto it. The best broom to use is one with soft bristles that will collect fine dust and also provide a light buff to the finish.

2. Don’t Let Liquids Pool

If a liquid makes its way onto your floor, clean it immediately with a dry towel. Wood will warp and discolor if liquids are left to pool, so be sure to clean up that mess before the repair bill cleans out your wallet.

3. Mats

Put a mat at each entrance to your home and entrances to any rooms with hardwood. Carpet mats are ideal for removing dirt and stones that may get wedged into the treads of shoes.


4. Furniture Pads

The legs of couches, tables, and chairs are the leading causes of wear and tear on wood floors. Prevent scratching from the legs of your furniture by placing small felt pads on them. This way when someone bumps into a table, it will gently slide along your floor, not ruin it.

5. Avoid Sunlight

In many states, the sun shines bright enough to destroy just about everything, and wood floors are no exception. If you have an area of your floor that is being hit by direct sunlight, try to have a curtain or blinds up so that discoloration doesn’t take place.

Finding Lost Treasure: How To Select A Metal Detector

Ask around before you decide

Before you invest in the purchase of a metal detector, be sure to get advice from several sources. People who are experienced in the hobby are often loyal to their particular brand and model of metal detector.

They may not be familiar with other detectors, or with the electronics and other features available on newer equipment. Doing a little research in advance can help you learn how to select a metal detector for your needs.


When will you use your metal detector?

Consider how often you will use your metal detector. If you plan to spend a lot of time with your new hobby, you may prefer a detector with features not needed for occasional use. The higher priced detectors will usually have more options to help you find and identify specific items. Asking yourself how often you’ll use it will help you in how to select a metal detector.

What are you looking for?

Choose a metal detector that works well for the items you plan to look for. A detector that is designed for the beach may not be the best to look for gold, and still another may be better to search for old relics and coins.

Some detectors allow you to switch speeds, or have multiple operation modes so you can use them for more than one type of detecting. If you will need to travel for your hobby, look into the weight of various models and whether they can easily be packed.


Who will use your metal detector?

Metal detecting is a fun hobby, and you might find that family members want to join in. If you have small children, be sure to do research fully by visiting a site that covers the topic of the best detector for children. Some models also let you adjust the height of the arm cup, or remove the control box to store in a pouch. Thinking about who may share it with you will help you in how to select a metal detector.


How much will your metal detector cost?

Your total purchase price will be determined by several factors, including the features you choose, your budget, and whether you prefer to try the hobby first or start with top of the line. Remember that you will also need to purchase trowels, coil covers, scoops, headphones and other accessories to get started.

These are all important things to consider in how to select a metal detector. Fortunately, prices are at their lowest ever for easy-to-use metal detectors with all the features. And most detectors these days are of good quality. So don’t let someone else find it first…get out there and start finding your “treasure” today!

Face Cream For Men – You Serious?!

I like to think of myself as a bit of a mans man! I’m a caveman, fearless a provider for my family and protector of all!

You can imagine my horror when I opened a birthday present from the wife to find Meladerm cream for skin lightening.

Face cream…! I don’t need to use that girly stuff!

But after having a think and a rather heated debate with my significant other, I slowly came around, based on the following argument:

Keeping the face clean is the first step to the healthier better-looking skin. Using a basic soap and water to wash your face is fine for most men. If you feel your face is still too, oily add an astringent after you wash.

Many men call it quits after the wash and shave leaving out the most important part of maintaining a youthful appearance. Moisturizing the skin with the best face cream available is your best defense against the aging process.


The best face cream for your face should be able to repair general damage from exposure to the environment; it should repair damaged skin, decrease ‘age’ spots and finally smooth the skin and ease inflammation redness.

Redness in the skin is caused by PGE2, a prostaglandin. Recent research has discovered a natural substance, Cynergy TK that blocks up to 70% of this prostaglandin, thus reducing redness.

Another critical component to effectively moisturizing male skin is neutralizing the millions of free radicals in the environment that attach the skin. These free radicals can only be combated using a powerful anti-oxidant.

The best skin cream for men will also contain something like Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. Due to the thickness of male skin, penetrating seven layers of skin is something that not all moisturizers can do. Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 is an emulsion that is proven to penetrate to the seventh layer and neutralizes free radicals at every level.


The best face cream for men is not to use something out of the women’s aisle. Instead, it’s using a male formulated product that addresses moisture levels in the skin, increases elastin and collagen and most importantly is a potent anti-oxidant

Effects Of Violent Video Games

effectc of violent video games

There exist different, controversial ideas about the effects of video games among children in school. Some people believe that these violent games cause aggression in school while other believes that they are not the cause of cruelty in school.

Social psychologists support that aggressive video games promotes aggressiveness in children while scientists oppose this argument. Scientists believe that correlation does not mean causation. Following this discussion, I oppose the views from the scientists and support that aggressive video games promotes violent especially among children.

Violent scripts are addictive for they make children spend most of their time playing them so that they can improve their skills. This addiction increases learning because of repetitive practice. Therefore, children in school tend to manipulate others aggressively as a way of practicing what they have been playing.

The aggressive videos place the participant in the position of the aggressor thus rewarding him the behavior of being violent. They also permit the player to rehearse the whole behavioral script from aggravation to selecting a violent declaration of conflict.

violent games

Most psychologists believe that children gain behavior from coping what others are doing. They argue that kids learn by mimicking, observing and adopting behavior. Exposure to video games may with time make children numb emotionally, make them have sleepless nights and nightmares, have a negative effect on their school performance and make them aggressive.

This also applies to playing violent video games. Children tend to put themselves in the feet of the aggressor in the video games making them aggressive in real life situation. Moreover, infants who view a lot of violent scripts have a higher possibility of being violent as a way of solving conflicts. This is because they take an assumption that brutal acts are acceptable behavior.

Violent video playoffs put a perception that the entire world is violent. Therefore, children playing aggressive video playoffs increase fear of being a victim of violence. In that case, they become aggressive for self protection. They also increase the belief of mistrust in others.

This makes it impossible for them to interact with other children in an effective way. It is therefore very crucial for parents to monitor their children behavior and the activities they may be engaging in, possibly encouraging them to play less violent games like driving simulator. It is also important for parents to encourage social interaction among children to facilitate learning which is essential during childhood. Adults should set good examples to children by avoiding watching violent video games in presence of children.

Violent video games have a negative effect not only to children but also to adults. Therefore, one should avoid their addiction so as to avoid cases of violence in the society.