Effects Of Violent Video Games

effectc of violent video games

There exist different, controversial ideas about the effects of video games among children in school. Some people believe that these violent games cause aggression in school while other believes that they are not the cause of cruelty in school.

Social psychologists support that aggressive video games promotes aggressiveness in children while scientists oppose this argument. Scientists believe that correlation does not mean causation. Following this discussion, I oppose the views from the scientists and support that aggressive video games promotes violent especially among children.

Violent scripts are addictive for they make children spend most of their time playing them so that they can improve their skills. This addiction increases learning because of repetitive practice. Therefore, children in school tend to manipulate others aggressively as a way of practicing what they have been playing.

The aggressive videos place the participant in the position of the aggressor thus rewarding him the behavior of being violent. They also permit the player to rehearse the whole behavioral script from aggravation to selecting a violent declaration of conflict.

violent games

Most psychologists believe that children gain behavior from coping what others are doing. They argue that kids learn by mimicking, observing and adopting behavior. Exposure to video games may with time make children numb emotionally, make them have sleepless nights and nightmares, have a negative effect on their school performance and make them aggressive.

This also applies to playing violent video games. Children tend to put themselves in the feet of the aggressor in the video games making them aggressive in real life situation. Moreover, infants who view a lot of violent scripts have a higher possibility of being violent as a way of solving conflicts. This is because they take an assumption that brutal acts are acceptable behavior.

Violent video playoffs put a perception that the entire world is violent. Therefore, children playing aggressive video playoffs increase fear of being a victim of violence. In that case, they become aggressive for self protection. They also increase the belief of mistrust in others.

This makes it impossible for them to interact with other children in an effective way. It is therefore very crucial for parents to monitor their children behavior and the activities they may be engaging in, possibly encouraging them to play less violent games like driving simulator. It is also important for parents to encourage social interaction among children to facilitate learning which is essential during childhood. Adults should set good examples to children by avoiding watching violent video games in presence of children.

Violent video games have a negative effect not only to children but also to adults. Therefore, one should avoid their addiction so as to avoid cases of violence in the society.

5 Reasons To Start Watching TV On Your PC

watch tv on your pc

Have you been wondering how you could possibly watch satellite TV on your PC? This is entirely conceivable but you need to know a little more just about how you can get satellite TV for free to watch on your PC. When we say free satellite TV online, we are talking about free to air satellite TV broadcasts and free LIVE or recorded streaming TV and video on certain online satellite TV channels. Here’s a guide on how to watch satellite TV online for free.

Satellite TV channels can be found online through some of the stations’ websites. You can find free online TV programs streaming from another(a) countries such as BeeLineTV.com and WorldTVPC.com. There are others where you can watch satellite TV online for free. You can type in the words ‘watch satellite TV on PC’, ‘watch satellite TV online’, ‘free internet satellite TV’, ‘internet satellite TV’ etc into the search engines to locate the relevant websites.

Many of your friends have raved about the possibility of watching thousands of satellite TV channels on your computer for a low . Something must definitely be amiss .

Stop pondering. Do Not watch Satellite TV on your PC if you want to :-

1. Keep paying monthly subscriptions for your satellite or cable TV

Since ALL Satellite TV on PC softwares only require a one time payment of a small fee (around Forty over USD or less) that lasts a lifetime, you wouldn’t be pleased if wanting to pay a recurring monthly fees is what you like to do .

2. Install Multiple Hardwares in your House

None of the Satellite TV on PC softwares require you to install any satellite dish, routers, cables, machines etc. All you need is a computer with great internet connection. So, if you do not like to keep things simple and welcome lots of hardwares and instruments in your home, then this is not for you.

3. Be a Couch Potato

You won’t appreciate the benefit of watching Satellite TV on your PC if all you like is to sit in front of your TV set when you watch TV. This is because with your PC, you can enjoy thousands of fantastic channels worldwide, anyplace and at anytime. To put it simply , this is TV on the go . If you think that you cannot come to terms with the idea of mobile TV, then please do not read on . Internet TV is not for you.

4. Battle with someone over which TV channels to watch

With only 1 TV set, you may end up fighting with someone as to which channels to watch. As most members of the same family have differing interests , you may end up squabbling over this. By way of contrast , TV online allows you to watch thousands of high quality premium channels as conveniently as you could check your email. It does provide more choices for media amusement for different people with different choices . However, if you are adamant to dominate the TV set and am game to fight with anyone who challenges your territorial rights over the TV set, then this is not for you.

5. Watch tons of TV commercials

Let me get that right…. you are a commercial fan ! The bad news is that online commercials only last about 30 seconds each with each show having no more than 5 commercials. That’s a big difference from traditional TV which flashes commercials unceasingly for 10 minutes each time and at the interval of 30 minutes between commercials.

So, if you are the unique one that fits the categories above, then traditional TV will provide you with the best home entertainment experience, ever!